Holiday rentals in Croatia, France, Spain and 23 other countries

NOVASOL is a well-established brand with than 40 years experience in renting out vacation rentals in Europe, so when you are looking for your vacation accommodation, then you can feel safe with us. With vacation rentals in the most popular destinations in Europe, their definitely is a rental for you, whether you are planning a holiday in the sun, a cultural experience or an active holiday. Book your vacation rental in beautiful Scandinavia, exciting Central Europe or in the sunny South Europe today.

Below you can read more about our offer in each destination:


Vacation homes in Denmark

If you are planning a family vacation in Europe, then we can recommend Denmark. Denmark is a lovely country with many sights and attractions to experience, for instance, the world famous Legoland or the Tivoli Gardens, which is located in the capital, Copenhagen. We have a large selection of wonderful vacation homes in Denmark. Many of our vacation homes are located near or in coastal resorts with beautiful sandy breaches. Book now and head for an unforgettable vacation in Denmark.


Vacation homes in Sweden

Sweden is also a great destination for families. Book one of our vacation homes in Sweden and enjoy quality time with your loved ones in beautiful settings. Stay by the seaside or book a vacation home by one of the thousands lakes in Sweden. Here you can enjoy the days fishing or swimming in the lake with the kids or go for daytrips exploring the local area and attractions. We recommend that you visit an elk (moose) park to experience this fascinating animal. But of course Sweden is also well known for its popular skiing resorts, so you can also book a winter vacation in Sweden.


Vacation rentals in Norway

Go to Norway for its beautiful nature and astonishing scenery. It is a popular vacation destination both in the winter and summer. Our wonderful vacation rentals in Norway often have stunning panoramic views over mountains, lakes and fjords. Like Sweden, Norway also has great skiing resorts, perfect a winter vacation. Maybe you will even have the opportunity to experience the fascinating Northern Lights. Book your vacation home in Norway now and have a wonderful holiday in this beautiful country.


Vacation rentals in Croatia

Visit Croatia and enjoy a relaxing vacation in the sun. Discover the beautiful coastline with sandy beaches and small charming towns, or go on a boat trip to one of the many islands. Our vacation rentals in Croatia will give you the chance to experience beautiful scenery as well as the many sights and attractions. Spend your vacation in one of our five star villas in Istria, for example, or in a self-contained vacation apartment in one of the many attractive islands in Dalmatia or the Kvarner Bay?


Vacation apartments in Italy

Italy is an attractive vacation destination, and our vacation apartments and villas in Italy are very popular amongst visitors. Visit the magnificent region of Tuscany that draws visitors from all over the world each year to experience the vineyards, rustic Italian food and historic villages. Book a vacation apartment in Tuscany through NOVOSAL and experience this popular region. We also recommend a stay in one of our vacation rentals on the Amalfi Coast for its breathtaking scenery or on the wonderful islands of Sardinia or Sicily.


Vacation villas in Spain

If you are planning a proper beach vacation, then you should book one of our amazing apartments or vacation villas in Spain. Enjoy the days of sunshine by your private pool or walk down to the local beach where you can relax with the sounds of the waves or have a swim in the sea. There are also plenty of attractions and a fascinating culture that you can explore on your vacation. We have a wonderful selection of vacation rentals in Spain to choose from, for instance our five star villas on Majorca or modern apartments on Costa del Sol (Marbella).


Vacation rentals in France

Book a vacation in France, and stay in one of our rustic country cottages in Brittany or Normandy or trendy vacation rentals in South France. With a vacation apartment in Cannes you can experience the famous film festival in February. We have a wide variety of vacation rentals in France, and we will definitely have one for you as well, whether you are looking for a villa, an apartment or a country cottage.


Vacation rentals in Greece

Greece, and in particular the Greek islands, is also a popular destination in Europe. Experience this lovely country, the relaxed atmosphere and warm climate from one of our vacation rentals in Greece. Book the villa of your dreams or one of our apartments on Crete Island near the beach.


Vacation rental in Turkey

Book a vacation rental in Turkey and enjoy the long summers and warm climate. In a vacation rental on the Turkish Riviera you can visit the fishing villages along the coast, find small secluded bays, and taste traditional Turkish cuisine in one of the small restaurants.


Vacation homes in Germany

In Germany there are plenty of sights and attractions, incredible nature as well as a rich culture and history waiting to be discovered. We have vacation homes in Germany by the coast, in the countryside, and also some great apartments in Berlin, the capital of Germany.


Vacation homes in Holland

Have a vacation in Holland and enjoy the fascinating architecture, great cuisine as well as child-friendly theme parks and other attractions. Amsterdam and Rotterdam are both cities that are definitely worth a visit. Book one of our vacation homes in Holland today.


Vacation cottages in Belgium

Belgium is world-famous for its delicacies and local beer. Taste their chocolate, waffles, mussels with fries and of course beer, that comes in all flavours. Enjoy a good meal in one of the many restaurants, or do some Belgian-style cooking in one of our vacation cottages in Belgium.


Vacation cottages in Luxembourg

Even though Luxembourg is a small country there are lots of things to do and attractions to visit. Experience the traditions, the vineyards, and beautiful landscapes of Luxembourg for yourself in one of our gorgeous vacation cottages in Luxembourg.


Holiday apartments in Austria

Austria is a great destination for the active tourist. Stay in one of our ski cabins during the winter and enjoy the great conditions for skiing and snowboarding, or book one of our vacation apartments in Austria during the spring or summer and explore the stunning nature and diverse landscape.


Vacation apartment in Switzerland

In Switzerland you will also find fantastic opportunities for alpine skiing but just like Austria, it is also a wonderful vacation destination during the summer. Enjoy a stay in a private vacation apartment in Switzerland with a breathtaking view over the valleys and mountains.


Vacation rentals in the Czech Republic

With one of our vacation rentals in the Czech Republic, you can relax and enjoy a visit to the nearest spa, or learn about the country by visiting the museums, art galleries and exhibitions. Also visiting the wonderful capital, Prague, will make the vacation one to remember.


Vacation home in Poland

Poland is also an exciting country to visit. Here are plenty of attractions to see, e.g. the old castles, the modern capital, Warsaw, or the old cities such as Wrosclow or Krakov. Book your vacation home in Poland now and take the opportunity to experience and explore the country.


Vacation homes in Finland

Finland is a great country with much to offer. Experience for instance the modern capital Helsinki, the amazing Lapland or the coast line with its beaches and islands. So book one of our vacation homes in Finland now and head for an unforgettable vacation with your friends or family.


Vacation homes on Iceland

In one of our vacation homes on Iceland you can experience a truly unique nature with glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls and much more. During your stay you should also visit the capital of Iceland (Reykjavik) and the famous Blue Lagoon spa.


Vacation rentals in Bulgaria

We have a great mix of vacation rentals in Bulgaria. Book yourself an apartment or a private villa in or near one of the popular vacation resort on the Black Sea coastline. Enjoy a long vacation in a great location and with pure relaxation.


Vacation rentals in Montenegro

If you want to visit the wonderful Adriatic coast in Montenegro, we recommend that you book one of our vacation rentals in Montenegro. At the Adriatic Coast you can enjoy sunshine and relax by the sandy beaches.


Vacation homes in Slovenia

Spend your winter vacation in Slovenia in the impressive mountains, or go to the coast during the summer for a proper sun and beach holiday. We have some fantastic vacation homes in Slovenia; book your apartment or villa now for a great holiday.


Vacation homes in Slovakia

Slovakia is an exciting country, especially for those of you who are interested in culture. Slovakia also offers unspoilt nature, lakes, mountain landscapes and therapeutic spas. Book one of our ski chalets or vacation homes in Slovakia.


Vacation rentals in Hungary

A stay in one of our vacation rentals in Hungary is perfect for the entire family. Book for example a rental by the Balaton Lake, which is a very popular vacation area in Hungary, or how about one of our gorgeous apartments in the capital, Budapest?


We hope that you are feeling inspired to book your next vacation with us in one of the many wonderful destinations in Europe.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in one of our amazing vacation rentals. Vacation rentals in Europe.

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