Amazing guide to vacation rentals on Costa del Sol


Rent a vacation home on costa del sol

Why rent a vacation home on Costa del Sol?

  • Sunny beaches
  • Europe's best golf courses
  • Amazing weather - more than 320 sunny days a year
  • Attractive attractions
  • Markets and local events
  • Charming villages
  • Good food

Rent a vacation home on Costa del Sol with the family and enjoy the many advantages that follow. Kick back and crack a cold one on the best beaches and Rivieras of Europa. Costa del Sol offers the perfect sunny beach vacation destination, including some of the best golf courses in Europe and heaps of activities that are fun for the entire family. Furthermore you have the opportunity to travel around the region and enjoy the amazing weather and the many attractions. Why vacate on Costa del Sol? Because the region has more than 320 sunny days every year, wherefore you can enjoy a sunny vacation all year. Rent an apartment, a villa with pool or a vacation home and discover the stunning landscapes and small charming villages that Costa del Sol is famous for. Experience the local events, markets and attractions, and enjoy great food both in the comfort of your vacation home, and at great restaurants around the region. The region is famous for its seafood dishes and the well-known Paella, tapas and outstanding red wine. What are you waiting for? Rent a vacation home and enjoy some of Europe’s most famous holiday locations, best beaches and more than 320 sunny days that come with an amazing climate.  

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The 7 most popular attractions on Costa del Sol

  1. Puerto Bañus: Have the time of your life in the prestigious and exclusive port
  2. Playa del Cañuelo: Enjoy one of the best beaches on Costa del Sol
  3. Pueblos Blancos: Experience the small traditional white villages in the mountains
  4. Gibraltar: Visit the southernmost tip of Spain where you can see monkeys and dolphins!
  5. El Caminito del Rey: One of the most beautiful or most terrifying walks in Spain. Walk across the narrow bridge, hanging more than 100 meters above the El Chorro Gorge.
  6. The Nerja Caves: The most impressive natural attraction in all of Spain is Nerja, a vast cave system with painting dating back to the Neanderthals.
  7. Natural Park of Los Alcornocales: A beautiful National Park with waterfalls, wild animals and the famous cork oak trees.


Experience Marbella from a vacation rental in spain

What to see in Marbella?

Marbella is an enticing and vibrant town which attracts many visitors every summer with its broad diversity and opportunities for various kinds of activities. With its trendy, up-and-coming atmosphere, the mild sun and the refreshing tapas restaurants, it takes you far, far away from everyday life and lets you enter a state of relaxation and wellness during your visit. Take a relaxing stroll down the narrow streets, visit the unique boutiques, the designer shops and enjoy the high life of Puerto Bañus. In this little yacht habor you can watch the young, beautiful and wealthy drive amazing cars, eat at fancy restaurant and shop for nice clothes. Its always fun to have a stroll in Puerto Bañus! Book a vacation apartment in the heart of Marbella with access to a swimming pool and experience the exclusive lifestyle for yourself.

Rent Villas with pool and apartments on Costa del Sol

No matter which type of vacation home in Andalucia that you and the family are looking for, you will find it at NOVASOL. We have a vast selection of privately owned vacation homes and apartments in Marbella and heaps of vacations homes along the entire Costa del Sol. Its very popular among our guests to book a nice villa in the outskirts of Marbella with a pool and with room for the entire family. We do also carry condos with ocean view in our selection. Have a look for yourself, book you next vacation home in Spain today and start looking forward to a nice holiday with the family! NOVASOL offers the following types of privately owned vacation rentals on Costa del Sol:

  • Apartments with sea-view
  • Villas with pool and more luxury
  • Pet-friendly vacation rentals
  • Big ass houses with big ass cars
  • Vacation rentals with spa, wellness and gym


What to see in Andalucia? Pueblo Blancos of course!

Which food and drinks should I try at Costa del Sol?

  • Sangria: Try the flavorful red wine with sugar, fruits and spices, served in a pitcher. A tourist must try!
  • Pallela: Try the local rice dish with various meets such as shell fish or fish, typically cooked in a giant frying pan over open fire.
  • Gazpacho: Cold tomato soup might not sound enticing, however it is a must try when you go on vacation in Andalusia, and the locals love it as a small starter!
  • Ajoblanco: Another cold soup from the Malaga area is Ajoblanco. The soup is made from bread, garlic, olive oil, water and salt. Sometimes you get melon along with the dish.
  • Gambas al Pil Pil: A small batch of fresh prawns marinated and fried on oil, garlic, tomatoes and sometimes chilies. This is often served on tapas restaurants and with loaves of fresh bread.
  • Tapas: Enjoy small dishes of various nuts, serrano ham, homemade bread, fresh olives, tortilla, delicious cheeses and olive oil

Be aware that while breakfast in Spain is served roughly the same time as the rest of Europe, dinner is normally served around 21.00-22.00ish. Spanish people are notorious for eating late and for staying at the table for hours after the food has been served. Please also note that during your vacation in Spain, “La Siesta” can occur, especially during the summer months. This is a small break after lunch normally during 14.00-16.00, during which stores and restaurant close. When you go on vacation in Andalusia you find yourself in a paradise of food and drinks! Be sure to try some of the best sherry in the world, Jerez Sherry, which is produced locally in Andalusia.