Experience the rich Portuguese culture with a vacation rental

Portugal has a long and rich historical heritage, with much of it dating back to the time of exploration. The Portuguese custom of Fado and folk dances is also deeply engrained in the culture and history, and are both something you shouldn't miss if you book a vacation rental in Portugal. Your vacation home can provide the perfect setting for trips around the country to experience the wealth of classic monuments and attractions spread around the picturesque countryside.

Religion plays an important part of Portuguese culture, and almost every public building bears a cross or a holy statue. This also provides the basis for a number of fantastic religious celebrations which can provide the perfect background for a excursion from your holiday home. Another integral part of Portuguese culture and history are the 'Azulejos'. These are small excquisitely painted tiles which represent Portugal's rich maritime history and can often be found in your vacation home.

Bullfighting is another part of Portuguese culture, but it is not as integral as it is to the Spainsh. Still, bullfighting remains an important part of many Portuguese celebrations and festivals, and could be interesting thing to experience on your holiday.

Lisbon was proclaimed the cultural capital of Europe by the EU in 1994 in appreciation of the rich portuguese culture, and the important role Lisbon plays in it.

Portuguese and southern European cuisine

Whether you like cooking in the comfort of your vacation home, or going out to town to experience the local portuguese food, Portugal will pleasantly surprise you. The ingredients are top notch and there are a wealth of enticing local dishes for you to try cooking in your holiday home, yet the Portuguese eat out almost daily, so generally, the restaurants a very good. Being a coastal seafaring nation, seafood plays a very important role in Portuguese food, and they are some of the best in Europe at preparing it. The qaulity is often very high, yet affordable.

Book you holiday rental on Portugal today, and experience one of the most culturally rich countries in Europe, which will pleasantly surprise you at every turn.

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