Vacation apartments and country cottages in Brittany

Brittany is an entirely uncrowded and relaxing vacation destination. Book your vacation rental near one of the endless gorgeous beaches in the region, and enjoy it almost completely undisturbed. We recommend that you also turn your nose inland, where a lush coutnryside peppered with cozy little French towns are waiting for you. Visit one of the classic medieval towns, and have a chat with the locals before enjoying some famed French home cooking. If you are more interested in the big sights, travel through the region as see the many beautiful old churches and castles, and experience local traditional events and festivals, all paired with the beautiful and distinct architecture that's been practiced in the region for decades.

Food in Brittany

Brittany is famous for its seafood and locally sourced produce. Enjoy an intimate meal side by side with locals in one of the many little villages, and bring some of the delicate ingredients back with you to your vacation home and experiment with some French cooking there.

Villas, apartments and country cottages in Brittany

A vacation home in Brittany provides an astonishingly genuine and authentic experience, deeply engrained in the local ways and traditions. We offer everything from a small budget cottage to a luxury vacation home with a private pool and garden, but make sure to book now, as our homes in this region are very popular.