Vacation rentals in Albania

Albania is a picturesque country and still fairly unknown as a tourist destination. The country is great if you love the sun, beaches and still want to stay a country with plenty of history and culture. Our vacation rentals are mainly located in and around the large city and sea port Durres.

The population of 100.000 people doubles in summer time, as families travel to the city for their summer vacation for several reasons. Vacation rentals in Durres are cheap and still of high quality. The sandy beach area and the shallow water combined with the sights of the historic city are other reasons why Durres is such a popular vacation destination.

Attractions in Durres

There are plenty of museums, castles and other ancient buildings in Durres and the surrounding areas, but there are particularly two attractions we recommend that you visit:

The amphitheater in Durres is one of the largest monuments that still remains from the historic city. It had space for over 20.000 spectators and is thereby the largest amphitheatre in the Balkan Peninsula. Visit the amphiteater and see some of the impressive galleries, stair cases and the arena.

The Archeological Museum is also worth a visit. Here you can see collections from the ancient Dyrrachium (today Durres).

Durres offers an active cultural life and during the summer the city is so vibrant with many happy people, festivals and other events.

Vacation rentals in Durres, Albania

Staying in a vacation rental in Durres is the best way to discover this beautiful cities. Our condos and vacation apartments are stylish and many are close to the sea. From here you can discover Durres in your own pace, or you can chill out by the swimming pool, as most of our condos and vacation apartments have access to a shared pool.