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Holiday-time is family-time and pets are an important member of the family! Just like us, the dog enjoys the long walks, happy times with play, relaxing in the shadow or water games on the beach. It completes the image of a harmonic family.

With NOVASOL it is possible to bring pets to a series of holiday cottages. We have divided pet friendly homes into two categories: pets allowed and very pet friendly. They have each a sign (see below).

Both types of holiday homes allow maximum 2 pets (unless otherwise is stated) of the species: dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster or turtle. (In South Europe only one pet allowed, unless else is mentioned)

When you order your holiday house, it is important to tell us, if you want to bring your pet.

Pets allowed

Holiday rentals with this symbol welcome pets at all time

Very pet friendly

If you have a pet that is more temperamental, then you don’t have to worry about neighbours in the holiday rental area. We have chosen a series of holiday rentals that are particularly pet friendly out from the following criteria:

  • The area is minimum 500 m2
  • There is no garden, but a natural plot.
  • In the holiday home there is information on how to behave when bringing pets.
  • In the holiday home there are important information, such as phone number and address of the nearest veterinarian.
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