Book an apartment in one of the beautiful cities in Europe

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Book an apartment in one of the beautiful cities in Europe

Experience famous attractions, for example the historic Brandenburg Tor in Berlin, the beautiful Charles Bridge in Prague or the impressive Colosseum in Rome... or discover the city by foot and find undiscovered places and hidden gems on your way.

In one of our holiday apartments you will be near the best attractions, shopping restaurants and good restaurants. We have holiday apartments in cities such as:


Berlin is a trendy city and also a mecca if you love fashion, art, design and music. Visit the art galleries, meet the locals in the flea markets, explore famous landmarks and eat world cuisine in the restaurants. Book one of our privately owned holiday apartments in Berlin right in the centre of the city for a fantastic holiday.


The capital of Czech Republic is beautiful and a definete must-see in Europe. Prague is famous for its rich history and also has the world's largest ancient castle, where you among other can see cultural jewels, a sight that attracts millions of visitors each year.

Make sure you also taste the local cuisine and even more important taste the Czech beers, which are among the finest in the work. Our holiday apartments in Prague are all privately owned.


Book a holiday apartment in Budapest and discover why this beautiful city has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. Meet the friendly locals, taste the Hungarian cuisine and experience the lively culture all for yourself. We also recommend that you try one of the city's famous thermal baths.


Rome is a city that you can visit again and again. Here is so much to see in this beautiful and vibrant city that one holiday often is not enough. Visit the ancient Roman archaeological sites, enjoy the beautiful architecture and enjoy a traditional Italian meal in one of the countless restaurants. Our holiday apartments in Rome give you the best opportunity to explore the city by foot.


Venice is perfect for a romantic holiday for two. With a holiday apartment in the centre of Venice, you can visit the many churches, beautiful squares, and exciting boutiques. Stroll down the small alleys along the canals, or sail in a gondola and fall in love again.


Cannes is busy all year around with its designer shops, famous film festival and long sandy beaches. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere on the Mediterrenean coast, or go for day trips in the beautiful countryside in South France. Our holiday apartments in Cannes are modern, and many has a fantastic panoramic view over the sea.