FAQs - the holiday rental

FAQs - the holiday rental

What do the star ratings mean?

The more stars a cottage has, the better the comfort is. Furniture, equipment and the cottages condition is part of the judgment.

Very simple furnished holiday rental without any comfort, for a stay during the summer-months

Plainly furnished holiday rental with very little comfort.

Well-kept holiday rental, mainly with standard furniture.

Well-equipped holiday rental of good standard, with comfortable furniture and extra facilities.

Our best holiday rentals. Tastefully furnished and fully equipped.

Why do you show a watermark on some of the photos?

When the holiday rentals are marked with the camera symbol, it means that it is a model photo, and therefore may not show that exact holiday rental.

Please note: there may also be used a model photo for possible sauna and jacuzzi facilities, even though the camera symbol is not shown.

How many people are allowed in a holiday rental?

The number of persons allowed in the holiday rental is stated in the description of the house. All people regardless of age count. However, in holiday rentals in Denmark it is often possible to bring an extra child less than 4 years of age without any further costs. In Norway and Sweden, this is also often the case but you must remember to ask, when booking the house. For the rest of Europe, it is usually not possible to bring extra guests. In every case, you need to ask. It is nowhere allowed to put up tents in the garden or bring along caravans etc.

Can groups and youth groups book a holiday rental?

Some house owners do not wish to have groups or youth groups renting their house. If so, this is most often stated in the house description. Groups and youth groups are defined as 6 persons or more, who are not related or who are not couples. If you are travelling as a group, this must be reported to NOVASOL, who reserves the right to turn away group bookings. Provided that a group does not announce its status as a group, NOVASOL also reserves the right to turn away the group at the time of arrival or during the stay. Groups pay a special group deposit no later than upon arrival. The group deposit consists of the ordinary deposit as well as an extra charge of EUR 100 / USD 150 per person mentioned in the rental agreement.

How many pets can I bring?

You can usually bring two pets in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Central Europe, when the description says that pets are allowed.

In southern Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Croatia etc), only one pet is allowed in houses where pets are accepted. If you would like to bring more pets than allowed, the house owner must be asked. Please contact us well in advance if you wish to bring more pets.

Are the holiday rentals smoking or non-smoking?

Some of our holiday rentals are non-smoking houses. You can see whether a house is a non-smoking house in the house description and the house owner may also show it in the holiday home. If nothing is stated you may smoke inside the holiday home. If you are in doubt, please contact us.

How is the holiday rental decorated and equipped?

Holiday rentals are decorated by the owner and reflect his/her taste. The kitchen is always equipped with pots, pans and tableware

Are there pillows and duvets in the holiday rental?

Yes, there are always pillows and duvets for the number of people allowed in the holiday rental. Please note that the pillows and duvets may not be the same as at home.

How about bed linen?

Bed linen is usually included in the rental price for South Europe and popular flight destinations. It will then be provided by the house owner.

In many countries though, especially in northern Europe, you usually have to bring your own bed linen. If you prefer, you are usually also able to rent it from the house owner or service office.

Make sure you check whether bed linen is included when booking or before departure. If you are in doubt, please do call us.

I suffer from allergy. What type of pillows and duvets will there be in the holiday rental?

If you suffer from allergy and need a special type of pillow and duvet, we recommend you to bring your own. We also recommend you to book a holiday rental where pets are not allowed.

Energy consumption – what can I expect?

Consumption of electricity, water, gas, heating and firewood are all variable costs and therefore consumption varies according to the type of holiday rental and its size. We recommend that you use your common sense when using energy such as water and electricity. The consumption costs will usually be deducted from the deposit.

How do you calculate the distances from the holiday rental to local amenities?

The distances stated are estimated distances to nearby bathing possibilities as the crow flies and only serve as orientation. The distance is from the property to the nearest coast/shore (sea, inlet or lake). It is not necessarily the distance to the nearest beach or open-air bath.

The distance stated for shopping opportunities states the distance to the nearest grocery store, mini market or supermarket. Please note that some stores are only open during the high season and that the distance to the nearest stores might be longer to shopping opportunies out of the high season.

When can I collect the key for the holiday rental?

The time of arrival or key collection is between 4pm-6pm local time (in summertime to 8pm. in some countries). You are not entitled to the key if you arrive prior to the time stated in the route description.

What if I want to collect the key after opening hours?

If you expect to arrive after opening hours you must inform the service office or the house owner in time either by phoning them or contacting them by post/email. The address is given in the rental agreement. Details concerning the handing over of the key will then be arranged on an individual basis.

What time do I have to depart from the holiday rental?

You must depart the house no later than 10am and turn the key in immediately after. You must clean the holiday rental (unless you have ordered a final cleaning or it is included in the price).

What about cleaning, when I am leaving the holiday rental?

Many people choose to do the final cleaning themselves to save money. The holiday rental will be checked by our service personnel after your departure. You can also choose to order a final cleaning until four days prior to your departure. However, some holiday rentals include a compulsory final cleaning, which means that you can not do the final cleaning yourself, but have to pay for the service at the latest when you collect the key.

How do I know if the costs of the final cleaning are included in the rental price?

You can find out whether final cleaning is included in the rental price by clicking on the price in the house presentation. Here you will more details about the specific holiday rental. If the final cleaning is included in the rental price, this will be stated here.

How much does a final cleaning cost?

Prices vary according to country and size of the holiday rental. Please look for the cost of a final cleaning in ‘What is included in the price?’ or alternatively contact the sales department for further information.

Will there be any cleaning products in the holiday rental?

We advice that you bring the most important cleaning products yourself. Remember to bring dish towels, towels, dishcloths, toilet paper and detergents. Some guests buy cleaning products in a local supermarket upon arrival to avoid carrying too much luggage.

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